You do not have to be a member of anything to become a beekeeper, but it certainly helps!

The current annual subscription to the Chichester Division of the West Sussex Beekeepers' Association is £35.00 (about the selling price of 6 jars of honey), and offers you:-

  • Membership of Chichester Beekeepers
  • Membership of the West Sussex Beekeepers' Association
  • Membership of the British Beekeepers' Association
  • Public and Product Liability Insurance up to £5 million any one claim
  • Bee Disease Insurance (BDI) free for three hives of bees and can be purchased for hives above  three in number
  • A monthly Newsletter from the BBKA
  • A monthly Newsletter from Chichester Division and West Sussex Beekeepers' Association
  • Free monthly meetings of Chichester Beekeepers
  • Free admission to County Lectures
  • Free Admission to West Sussex Beekeepers' Auction
  • Discounted admission to West Sussex Beekeepers' Convention
  • Free advice, information and exchange of views
  • Private Facebook group
  • Social events
  • Access to the Division library
  • Use of Honey extractor and other equipment owned by the Division


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