Programme of Chichester Beekeepers' Meetings and other events to be held in 2021 All Chichester meetings are normally held on Tuesday evenings, Currently they are held on Zoom on Wednesday evenings, starting at 7.30 pm

Meeting Venue:

Fishbourne Centre
Blackboy Lane
Fishbourne, Chichester
PO18 8BE


In accordance with Government Guidelines all Chichester Beekeepers Meetings are held via Zoom until the end of the current crisis.  Members will be notified of meeting details via the newsletter and email.

13th Jan

Big Bee Quiz

10th Feb

The season ahead

Ken and Dan Basterfield

27th Feb

West Sussex Beekeepers Convention

At Lodge Hill , near Pulborough - Postponed until 2022

10th Mar

Short AGM followed by - Discussion groups and questions and answers

Chichester Beekeepers Team

16th - 18th Apr

BKA Spring Convention - virtual event

14th Apr

"Swarm control and management"

Bob Smith, NDB

24th Apr

WSBKA Auction - Brinsbury College, Pulborough


12th May

"Bee Diseases, Hygiene and Husbandry"

Dave Bonner

9th June

"Honey Handling and Showing"

Ray Green and Christine Stevens

14th July

"Winter Preparation"

Bob Smith, NDB

13th Aug

Visit to Tinwood Vinyard and wine tasting

Advance booking essential - see newsletter

7th Sep

Global pandemics, bee imports and native bees

Norman Carreck

12th Oct

Garden forage for honey bees and other pollinators

Pam Hunter

9th Nov

BBKA Basic assessment

Gordon Allan & Tom Moore

14th Dec

Christmas Social and Honey Tasting

Bring a jar of your best honey for tasting and everyone joins in the judging before the certificate is presented to the beekeeper with the year's best tasting honey.

West Sussex Beekeepers Association
Annual Convention

A one day Beekeeping Convention is held annually at the beginning of the year.
It is intended to suit all abilities, and as well as the main lectures
there is a choice of seminars to attend.

The 2021 Convention was to be held on Saturday 27th February 2021
at Lodge Hill Centre, Watersfield, Pulborough but unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

For full details, as an example, from the 2020 Convention  click here


WSBKA Bee Market and Auction

The last annual auction should have take place on Saturday 25th April 2020 at Brinsbury Campus, Northheath, Near Pulborough but unfortunately 
cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.
Further details from Graham Elliott on 01403 752493 or email: [email protected]